January 11, 2012
Collector's Evening 2012- vote for us!

My loyal and beautiful tumblr followers- I need you! 

The High’s Collectors Evening 2012 Event is January 20th! For the third year in a row, curators will battle it out to ensure that their chosen work of art makes it into the High’s permanent collection. This year, the High is letting our Facebook fans have a say. Vote for your favorite work of art, and the one with the most votes from our Facebook family will earn a vote in Round One at Collectors Evening.

This is where you come in! Vote for Photography! It’s the last one on the list and is an awesome piece. You can learn more about Sugimoto’s Lightning Fields project here. Also, by liking the High on facebook, you’ll be privy to upcoming events and discount offers when they come around! Huzzah- everyone wins. 

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